When you look at every great success story, you will find that there is a great team in the background.

At Michael's, our amazingly talented team is here to help create the BEST in you!

Team Michael's


​Name: Lydia Shelor
Hometown: Frankfurt Germany
Position: Owner

Specialties: Bringing out the Best in her Team Members through excellence and training.
Achievements: Bought Michael's from original owner and within 20 years has expanded from two stations to now 10 stations at it's current location.

Availability: Monday, Wednesday - Saturday Afternoons

​Name: Angela Parsano Aten
Hometown: Macomb, IL
Position: Cosmetologist
Specialties: Chemical Services and Cut/Style
Joined Team Michael's: 1984
Available: Wednesday - Saturday

​Licensed Since: 1984


​Name: Natasha Nguyen

Hometown: Macomb, IL
Position: Cosmetologist/Team Leader
Specialties: Color, Cut/Style, Nails
Joined Team Michael's: 2007
Available: Wed - Sat

​Licensed Since: 2007


​Name: Rick Pance
Hometown: Galesburg, IL
Position: Cosmetologist
Specialties: Color, Cut/Style, Waxing
Joined Team Michael's: 2012
Available: Mon, Tue. Thur, Fri, Sat

​Licensed Since: 1985


​Name: Emily Shafer

Hometown: Bushnell, IL
Position: Cosmetologist
Specialties: Cuts/Colors/Styles/Waxing/nails
Joined Team Michael's: 2017
Available: Mon-Wed, Fri, Sat

Licensed Since: 2016


​Name: Tina Mahoney
Hometown: Macomb, IL
Position: Cosmetologist/Team Leader
Specialties: Cut/Style, Color, and Waxing
Joined Team Michael's: 1987
Available: Mon - Tue, Thursday,Friday, Saturday

​Licensed Since: 1987